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Titre: 3D digitization of existing structure from a photogrammetric surveys in BIM environment for structural assessment
Auteur(s): Higoun, Abdelmalek
Amamra, Mohamed Amine
Bourahla, Nouredine, Directeur de thèse
Mots-clés: Photogrammetry
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Laboratory specimen
Ambient vibration test
Material properties
Genetic Algorithmes
Date de publication: 2023
Résumé: Due to rapid technological advancements, photogrammetry has gained increasing recognition as a versatile and cost-effective technique for obtaining numerical threedimensional models from two-dimensional images. Its applications can be found in various fields, particularly in the construction and civil engineering sectors, especially with the widespread use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) that have facilitated numerous applications in this field. In line with this, The present study aims to elucidate the concept of photogrammetry, its fundamentals, uses, and identify its key benefits and challenges. We specifically focus on developing a suitable, reliable, and effective procedure for converting images into numerical three-dimensional models to be utilized in the evaluation and assessment of structures. In this context, we have chosen to evaluate the accuracy and validity of our method by applying it to geometrically simple laboratory specimen, extracting their benefits and limitations based on tests involving the extraction of natural vibrations using ambient vibration test and a four-point bending test to determine the behavior of the element under applied forces. Based on the results obtained from the laboratory specimen, we intend to employ the photogrammtery method by combining it with ambient vibration test results to determine the material properties used in the Roman landmarks located in Tipaza due to their diversity and complex shapes. We aim to calibrate the material properties in the numerical three-dimensional model using a genetic algorithm to achieve a good relative similarity between the simulated natural vibrations and the actual ones.
Collection(s) :Département Génie Civil

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