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Titre: Design and implementation of a multichannel radio-frequency receiver for passive radar applications
Auteur(s): Saadi, Brahim
El Mouets, Ala Eddine
Adnane, Mourad, Directeur de thèse
Belouchrani, Adel, Directeur de thèse
Mots-clés: RF receiver
Multichannel receiver
Passive radar
Local oscillator
Date de publication: 2015
Résumé: Electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency band is used extensively in today’s telecommunication systems. Its quasi-omnipresence suggests a possible application in passive radars. The goal is to acquire this electromagnetic energy and convert it to an electrical signal for later processing. Information regarding the target (such as position, speed, etc.) which is reflecting or transmitting this energy can be extracted after applying adequate signal processing techniques. This project aims to design and implement such a receiver in the FM-Band as well as present the underlying theory of such systems.
Description: Mémoire de Projet de Fin d’Études : Électronique : Alger, École Nationale Polytechnique : 2015
ISSN: PN01315
Collection(s) :Département Electronique

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