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Titre: A sustainable energy model for Algeria in 2030 : the study of electro-mobility in the transport sector
Auteur(s): Tidjani, Mounia
Mansouri, Nihal
Chitour, Chems Eddine, Directeur de thèse
Mots-clés: Energy transition
Climate change
Renewable energy
Date de publication: 2020
Résumé: Energy demand keeps increasing in several sectors, in particular in the field of transport, Energy demand has seen a rapid increase, a reason for the depletion of fossil energy reserves over the next decades, in addition to the problem of climate change with the increase of earth temperature. The call for energy transition is essential and the decision must be taken to invest in country’s wealth on renewables to produce energy such as electricity will be a major challenge for the country to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency within the next few years. This work includes a detailed study on the transport sector in Algeria, which aims to set up a sustainable model for Algeria by 2030, which focuses on the use of ecofriendly fuels and to open the new horizon for electro-mobility, the most discussed technology around the world.
Description: Mémoire de Projet de Fin d’Études : Génie Chimique : Alger, École Nationale Polytechnique : 2020
Collection(s) :Département Génie Chimique

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